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AUDITION INFO (Elite Crews Only)

Audition videos are mandatory for all those wishing to dance in the following elite crews / iniatives- 


Cubs, Betas, Gammas, Lunas, Alphas, Pomeranians, Klaws, Unleashed, K9’s, Dance Doubles, Soloist + Worlds Team. 


Auditions open December each year and crew offers sent out early Januar


STEP 1 - 

Watch Video + Learn Choreography. 


Senior Video 13yrs+- 



Junior Video 12yrs and under  - 



STEP 2 - 

Film yourself performing the audition choreography. 


Audition Music can be found here- 



STEP 3 - 

Head over to our audition submission form to fill out details expressing your desired crew/s for 2024 and upload your video. 

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