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The Pups  (5-6yrs)

Our youngest crews and the future of our pack.  Joining either of these teams is the first step in creating important foundations required to be part of our older and more experienced crews. 


The Cubs (6-9yrs)

Our up and coming team. Once foundations are established our cubs crew is the next step! This young but mighty team take the floor to showcase their developing skills across all styles. 


The Betas  (7-12yrs)

These guys may still be small, but they are mighty! The strongest of our 7-12yr olds band together and hit the floor in these killer teams, showcasing The Wolf PAC's young and emerging talent. 


The Gammas (9 - 15yrs)

Gearing up for greatness, the Gammas are still young but they are fierce! They aim to take the stage by storm, showing their advanced skills at a young yet competitive age. 


The Lunas (11- 18yrs)

Lunas and Deltas are a special bunch, given the wide age range this is the division we can really showcase. the skills and talents of athletes across a range of ages. 


The Alphas (14yrs +)

Our strongest and mightiest team consisting of our most experienced and elite athletes. This team's focus is to showcase the best of the best talent the Wolf PAC has to offer. 


Wolfmothers (21yrs & over)

Here at Wolf PAC we don't just let the kids have all the fun. Our 21 and over teams are a chance for for mature athletes to still shine onstage. Maybe you used to dance growing up? or your child is in one of our younger crews. These teams are a great chance to meet up each week and have some fun whilst still enjoying the atmosphere and buzz of live competition days. 


Pomeranians (Mini)
Klaws (Youth)
Unleashed (Junior)
K9's (Open)

Pom is a style of dance in which the dancers use poms throughout the routine. It incorporates the use of proper pom motion technique that is sharp, clean and precise. . 


Novice Crews

Omegas (Mini)
Deltas (Junior)
Moonlight (Pom)

Wanting to experience the magic and atmosphere  of Wolf PAC without the intensity and pressure of our elite crews? Perhaps your chid is in the beginning stages of their dance journey and is working towards building their skills. Our Novice crews are the perfect starting point. 

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